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Very Creative

This isn't just fap-material or a common porn.
This is very creative.
I might have been one of the few to notice, but if I'm not mistaken, all of your voice acting for your parodies are actual snippets from the television shows. I remember the XJ9 episode where that one lady wanted her body as some kind of suit. This is very interesting that you can do all of this with voice from the shows and some extra sound effects. Like when she says, "I'm coming!", we hear "Cum" but its "Come" as in "I'm Coming, mom!".

Excellent Originality.
Does Zone do anything other than Hentai? Or is there a sister/brother company that does normal animation? You should really consider it.


Now if one bored NGer would just MAKE this game WITH your help it would be heavenly.


LINK TEH RAEPEST! Lol and if you want a preloader i cant help i only got one for FLASH :)

DarkRyuzaki responds:

Thx for reviewing! Haha.. Its okay man.. I'll try to figure out how to make preloader, eventually.. I guess..

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Eh. This game wasn't exciting or exhilarating. Not even for me, when I play mostly puzzle and logic games. I like the concept, but there should be more punishment for not using all of the colors on the board. In fact, if you were really ambitious, you would make it so you could only pass through the door if all colors would be used. Gameplay-wise, it felt a tad tedious, especially when having to constantly move back-and-forth, chasing down the colors when the solutions to most of the levels were pretty obvious. I played for about half an hour and nearly completed about 70% of the playable game. I wasn't really too impressed overall. I wouldn't say that I wasted my time, however, as it was just interesting enough to make me play for a good bit of time.

I feel like if you made the movement a little more fluid, increased the difficulty a bit, and added some kind of reward for full completion of a stage (if that's even possible for all of them) and/or some kind of punishment for not full completion (I don't know, perhaps a score keeper or something of the sort?), then I feel as if the game would be a little more engaging.

Not a bad game at all, I just feel as though there was something missing. I hope my review helps.

Good job,

This isn't even really a game. Slightly funny, but boring after about 20 seconds.

It's a nice attempt, but it's boring, tedious to check every shadow, and awkwardly silent. Sorry, just not full game material. Add a nice loading menu, some music, some sounds, music and sound options, and you might have something less painful to play. Sorry.

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Loved it.

With a passion.

Tubba75 responds:

Oh why thank you, good sir!

Loved it

Great toned down and relaxed song. I so wanna use this for my upcoming flash. If thats OK..

Robot-Lock responds:

That's fine, and thanks for the review.


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