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The animation was good, the voice acting was a little dull (But fit the theme), and it made me chuckle. Pretty nice touch with the wind in the background, and even nicer was that it didn't just end and jump back to the menu, you gave us a fade out and fade back. Which was good. And it was still pretty funny.

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Aaniyme responds:

Thanks :)

Just stupid. Not even close, a bunch of stupid GIFs, and pretty annoying to watch.

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FordV8 responds:

it's hard to animate tripods

Very Creative

This isn't just fap-material or a common porn.
This is very creative.
I might have been one of the few to notice, but if I'm not mistaken, all of your voice acting for your parodies are actual snippets from the television shows. I remember the XJ9 episode where that one lady wanted her body as some kind of suit. This is very interesting that you can do all of this with voice from the shows and some extra sound effects. Like when she says, "I'm coming!", we hear "Cum" but its "Come" as in "I'm Coming, mom!".

Excellent Originality.
Does Zone do anything other than Hentai? Or is there a sister/brother company that does normal animation? You should really consider it.

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May I suggest a few things?

So far, I like the game. It's nice, neat, straightforward. I was thinking you could use a few things to make the user have to pace better:

Getting caught halves the energy meter (You have to run away from the people chasing, yes?). This will make it a little less tempting to just select a space, and keep trying to use Foreplay at around 60% over and over and then resting between until getting it, so then it's at over 70%, and so on. As it is right now, getting 100% on all places takes about 10 minutes.

Also, maybe consider adding previous success requirements to each new skill. For example:

In each area, you must successfully do 3 of the previous action or magical spell to do the next. So in order to do Loving Touch, you need to successfully spread Rumors 3 times. Then to kiss someone, you need to successfully use Loving Touch 3 times. And so on. This will make the user have to actually do each one. As it is now, you can just go to the fountain, get the Square to 100%, use the EXP to buy Aquatic Assistance, make everywhere else 15%, and then just do 3 or 4 Rumors, 3 or 4 Loving touches, 3 or 4 kisses, then just keep doing Foreplay until you max out everything.

Then, add success requirements to unlocking the skills, also. Make each skill have 2 "parts," the first part costing EXP (unlocking the skill) and then the second part requiring you to do that action in every area at least once. For example, you have to go around and spread rumors at every location in order to finish the "Rumors" skill, then you can use EXP to unlock Loving Touch, then you have to go around and use Loving Touch everywhere once to finish the Loving Touch skill. Rinse and repeat for all the skills. Again, this should extend the playing game time, and make the user go through more motions (a little more grind).

I think that will improve your games play-ability vastly. I also think, though, you should reward these by making the "Second Tier" skills have better animations, look nicer, be more effective, etc. That's an animation issue, though, and not a mechanical one.

My final comments are to change the sounds used. I think the moans are cheesy and unprofessional, they have a lot of grainy background noise, and they don't really sound or feel right with the characters they're presented with. Same goes for the silly sound effects. Then of course, just fix up some of the typos, grammatical mistakes, and odd text box functions, and you'll be golden.

Overall, I think you have a great game in the making here. I think this will, one day, be 5 star material. Good work!

knotgames responds:

Thanks! this are good ideas and we'll have it in mind (but we are a have made more alphas after that one and other things had been added and changed). When we'll finish all the basic mechanics and we'll have to balance everything we'll consider add this changes.

Eh. This game wasn't exciting or exhilarating. Not even for me, when I play mostly puzzle and logic games. I like the concept, but there should be more punishment for not using all of the colors on the board. In fact, if you were really ambitious, you would make it so you could only pass through the door if all colors would be used. Gameplay-wise, it felt a tad tedious, especially when having to constantly move back-and-forth, chasing down the colors when the solutions to most of the levels were pretty obvious. I played for about half an hour and nearly completed about 70% of the playable game. I wasn't really too impressed overall. I wouldn't say that I wasted my time, however, as it was just interesting enough to make me play for a good bit of time.

I feel like if you made the movement a little more fluid, increased the difficulty a bit, and added some kind of reward for full completion of a stage (if that's even possible for all of them) and/or some kind of punishment for not full completion (I don't know, perhaps a score keeper or something of the sort?), then I feel as if the game would be a little more engaging.

Not a bad game at all, I just feel as though there was something missing. I hope my review helps.

Good job,

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This isn't even really a game. Slightly funny, but boring after about 20 seconds.

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Loved it.

With a passion.

Tubba75 responds:

Oh why thank you, good sir!

Loved it

Great toned down and relaxed song. I so wanna use this for my upcoming flash. If thats OK..

Robot-Lock responds:

That's fine, and thanks for the review.


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